'Reality Doesn´t Need Friends', 8:17 minutes, HD, 2011

(An 80 year old palm tree finds a new home after years of waiting and hundreds of miles of travel. An experiment in compositional shift, from horizontal to vertical. Landscape as artificial construction, nature as zoo.)

'Tutto Morto', 5:49 minutes, HD, 2011

(A video made in Ostia Lido near Rome after the Red Palm Beetle [Rhynchophorus ferrugineus] invasion of 2009. A botanical zombie movie. In Ostia Lido during the course of three years the Red Palm Beetle infected 90 percent of the cities palm trees.The Beetle targets one species of palm exclusively, the Canary Island Date Palm [Phoenix canariensis]. The female beetle lays its eggs in the palm which hatch into larvae which eat the inside of the palm trunk and then pupate into new beetles that fly to new palms and start the process again. A parasite that kills its host.)

'Palm Shadow', 7:05 minutes, HD, 2010

(tropical palm frond shadows moving in the wind create an atmosphere of dark foreboding and suspense. The soundtrack is taken from a forgotten spaghetti horror movie from 1963.  A basic exercise in film noir iconography.)

'Sundowner', 6:47 minutes, HD, 2010

(Cocktails at sunset in front of Chapman's Baobobs, Botswana. A visual explanation of the concept of 'contraluce'. This video poses the important question; what does 'happy hour' [cocktails, white wine, and pretzals] have to do with moments of great natural beauty?  Sunsets, Sunrises, eclipses, etc, etc...)

'Backwater Drifting', 7:34 minutes, HD, 2010

(filming from a towed barge on the backwaters of Kerala. An exercise in continuous camera movement. Movement defines perspective and the relationship between objects in the landscape, foreground moves past faster then the middleground, background seems to stand still.)